There's a mature science and technology developing team inclined to innovation in the department of engineering of Chengdu zhonghang machinery Co. Ltd. Most engineers are rich in experiences of development of projects, especially in the fields of petroleum drilling, exploration and production equipments. They mainly engaged in the design of various

petroleum drilling equipments and components such as land and offshore drilling rigs which are adaptable to various working conditions, top drive equipment, mast, substructure, 3NBF series mud pump, equipment for purification of drilling mud, well head equipment and BOP etc. The main functions of the DBS series digital-controlled VFD rig which was awarded the prize of

China National Important Innovation Project of Technique Equipment are to fully realized igital-controlling ,and it established digital, information-based and intelligentized platform for the first time, realized the goal of safe, high-efficient, high-quality and low cost scientific drilling.