After-sales service

After-sales service:

(1) the contract after the establishment of our users at the creation of specialized service agencies, from the rig to run the installation and commissioning, we have to give enough attention to, and use my factory Products free user training, system specification and operation of , maintenance and management of personnel training, operation and maintenance of the experience without reservation to teach the user to ensure timely equipment put into use.

(2) the warranty period, we will regularly visit customers to understand the operation of equipment, inspection equipment, to eliminate hidden dangers that may exist to guide the user maintenance, the timely submission of our proposals to ensure that every piece of equipment of high efficiency, low-cost , failure-free operation.

(3) In the event of failure, we will immediately respond to telephone or fax on the one hand, rapid treatment, on the other hand we will be receiving the services notification, traffic conditions permit in the circumstances, 12 hours to arrive at the scene, traffic conditions do not permit where users arrive at the scene 24 hours to ensure all-weather service, arrived at the scene immediately after the treatment, at the same time record the views of clients, as long as the client request to be reasonable, that is, unconditional Satisfied.

(4) Spare parts supply: In order to make the customer the cost of spare parts store down the lowest possible level, we will prepare all kinds of accessories and wearing parts, once a client in urgent need of fittings, we will be the quickest way to or from the Service Station PARTS library to users. Warranty period, our non-consumable items will be provided free of charge type fittings and artificial bear happened, traffic or transportation costs.

We cherish our friendship and cooperation between the opportunities, we would like our best services to users and create brilliant!